Photo of the Day: New York City Street Performers and Times Square Crowds

As the tourists focus on the street dancing performance in New York City’s Times Square, a few people look elsewhere.

Street performers in NYC - click to view larger

The colorfulness of the original photo was overwhelming – just like Times Square can be in person. Going black and white seemed to make the photo easier to mentally digest.

A Visit to Action Wildlife in Goshen, CT

The northwest corner of Connecticut is home to Action Wildlife Foundation, an educational animal safari-type zoo with zebras, donkeys, llamas, bison, goats, sheep, deer and their friends.  Action Wildlife includes a drive-through outdoor safari, a petting zoo and an indoor museum with animal habitat displays.

Action Wildlife is big enough to spend a couple of hours leisurely exploring.  It is also a fun place to take photos.

Donkey at Action Wildlife in Goshen, CT
Zebra eating grass at Action Wildlife Foundation
Furry Donkey at Action Wildlife
Young cow in petting zoo at Action Wildlife Foundation
Sheep in the Action Wildlife Petting Zoo
Llama in petting zoo
In the petting zoo at Action Wildlife Foundation